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Social enterprises are classed as businesses with a primary focus on improving the world around them. This can be through working to improve conditions in communities and societies, through adopting measures to protect and preserve the environment, or through reinvesting profits in projects that tackle social or environmental issues. This post takes a look at some of the best social enterprises established in recent years.


Tell MAMA is one of several social enterprises established by Fiyaz Mughal OBE. The monitoring service acts as a first port of call for individuals who have been affected by anti-Muslim hate crime, either against the Muslim community or against those who the attackers perceive to be Muslim. Crimes can be reported to Tell MAMA through a variety of secure and confidential channels, including by text or via social media. The experts at Tell MAMA collate data to assist in helping local authorities target resources where they are most needed and to inform government policy. Tell MAMA works with several partner organisations and can then refer victims to the appropriate channels of support.

Swipes for the Homeless

A group of college students in the United States established the enterprise Swipes for the Homeless, which has now been adopted by many of the country’s major universities and colleges. Swipes for the Homeless acts as a platform where students can donate any meal plan points they have left over to the homeless community in their local area.


Letterbox is a pilot project looking at ways to connect individuals within communities who have similar interests, or those who are free to offer help with those that may need outside assistance. The platform works both as a social hub for connecting like-minded individuals that may want to establish a group or club, and as a site where people with free time and a strong sense of community spirit can offer their help to more vulnerable people in the area who may require assistance with aspects of life such as gardening or going to the shops.


Auticon is an award-winning social enterprise that works to promote autism-positive environments in the workplace. Auticon only employs consultants who are autistic themselves and therefore fully comprehend the challenges and the benefits of employing autistic staff members. The enterprise promotes to corporations the unique skills and talents that can be found within the autistic community and identifies areas where those skills can be best put to use.