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Fiyaz Mughal

Founder of Faith Matters & Tell MAMA

Throughout his career, Fiyaz Mughal has made volunteering a priority, donating his time and expertise to many community projects.

Social enterprises

Community projects

Professional career

Fiyaz Mughal is the founder of Faith Matters, Tell MAMA and several other organisations.

His professional career has also allowed him to gain valuable experience working in advice bureaux, as a City Councillor and also as a lecturer for well-known educational institutions including Oxford College of Further Education and the City & Islington College. Throughout his career, Fiyaz Mughal has made volunteering a priority, donating his time and expertise to many community projects.

Fiyaz Mughal has also been a co-editor on a book about identity which was published in 2017.

Social Enterprises and Community Projects

Fiyaz Mughal has extensive experience in social enterprises and community projects. This blog will explore some of his specific interests including working with youths, working against extremism and hate crime monitoring. Fiyaz Mughal has worked on unique projects that have brought national attention and recognition. In 2009, he was named an officer of the Order of the British Empire for his work in community cohesion within the United Kingdom.

It has been this passion for developing leadership and entrepreneurship that has captured Fiyaz Mughal’s interest and how people can lift themselves out of poverty by determination, vision and a desire to overcome. Much of this entrepreneurship can be found within even some of the most marginalised communities and harnessing the successful drivers has become a passion of his.

Throughout this section of the blog, opportunities for ongoing social enterprises and community projects will be discussed.

Travel and History in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is full of rich history and travel opportunities. Discover the UK from Fiyaz Mughal’s unique perspective, learning about the unique mix of peoples who travelled to the UK in the time of the Romans. North Africans, people from the Middle East and Anatolia (modern day Turkey) and others came as soldiers to the UK during Roman times creating a unique community that has inspired Fiyaz Mughal’s work and interests around identity and belonging.  In addition to visiting and learning about the stunning coastlines of this island nation, Fiyaz Mughal is also fascinated by Roman history and sites to be discovered. This blog will cover a mix of topics focusing on both travel and history in the UK.

English Cricket and Hockey

English cricket and hockey are other passions of Fiyaz Mughal’s. His interest in hockey stems from his lifelong love of the sport, beginning due to his participation as a child and teenager. Today, he follows both the English cricket and hockey teams. Via this blog, you’ll learn about the latest in English cricket and hockey.

Through these diverse interests and passions that form the basis of this blog, you’ll learn more about Fiyaz Mughal as an individual. In addition, you’ll also have the chance to form a greater understanding of his work and the great example he has set in social enterprises and community projects.