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In today’s digital world, there are numerous options for promoting community projects. Yet, at the same time, you may be worried that you’re getting drowned out. People spend more time consuming information than ever before. How can you make sure your important project gets seen?

Fiyaz Mughal, founder of two successful social enterprises, knows all of the tips and tricks to successfully promote a community project through the media.

Here’s some advice:

Announce it!

Recently got a grant approved? That’s news!  Sometimes we forget that what may seem like achievements only relevant to our own community are also relevant to the outside world. Make a big deal out of it. With your grant notification letter in hand, you can head to the news outlets and garner excellent promotion from the media. Announce other important and relevant news from your organisation such as meeting goals, public forums, donation drives and awareness campaigns. Don’t forget about the alternative news sources and community leaders. Get bloggers and local newsletters involved too.

Take Photos and Video

One of the best ways to promote your community project is visually. This element, over all others, will catch people’s attention. So, if you’re hosting an event or serving the community in a special way, get someone handy with a camera to take some pictures of what’s going on. Then, turn the images over to the news. Alternatively, invite the local news to cover your event, advertising it to them as a photo call notice.

Get Social

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting a community project. However, you should focus on this area strategically, seeking engagement and interaction. If you can get people to share your organisation’s news, you’ve achieved one of your main goals.


Your community project may be relevant to community groups working in a similar area. Don’t try to compete with each other. Instead, combine forces. Take the time to introduce yourself and your efforts to other community groups. You may be rewarded if the other groups decide to share your project with their networks and social media followers.

As you can see, there are many ways to increase visibility. Start by choosing one or two new ideas to incorporate into your promotion plan. Then, add more as you grow more comfortable. With a strategic plan in place you’ll excel and quickly become well-known and, as a result, achieve more of your goals.