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The No2H8 Crime Awards, which celebrate prominent individuals and organisations in the UK that go above and beyond in the fight against intolerance, entered their third year in 2018. The awards were founded in 2016 by Fiyaz Mughal OBE, who has dedicated much of his life to the battle against racial and religious prejudice and hate crimes. To this end, Fiyaz Mughal has established several organisations and social enterprises including Tell MAMA, a national monitoring service for the reporting of hate crimes against the UK Muslim community. Mughal is backed in the No2H8 Crime Awards by chair Richard Benson OBE and a coalition of individuals and organisations.

Supporting Partners

The No2H8 Crime Awards are made possible through the support of several partners and agencies associated with the protection of vulnerable groups within society and the fight against intolerance and prejudice. These partners include several of the organisations headed by Fiyaz Mughal, including Tell MAMA and Faith Matters, along with the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Stop Hate UK, GALOP, the No to Hate Crime campaign. Kick it Out, and the Community Security Trust, among others. Media partners HuffPost and the Jewish News have been ongoing supporters of the awards and are joined in 2018 by the Daily Mirror and Pride Radio.

Upstanders Not Bystanders Theme

The No2H8 Crime Awards are themed each year, with 2018 based on the title of ‘Upstanders Not Bystanders’. The awards recognise those who have taken a public stand against all manner of racial and religious intolerance over the previous year, reflecting on the importance of individuals standing up and confronting hate crime everywhere together. This theme is particularly relevant in the wake of the results of the Brexit referendum, which sparked a new wave of bigotry, intolerance and racially-motivated crimes across the UK.

Tackling Hate Crime in the UK

There are many factors that affect the levels of hate crime experienced in the UK that occur both nationally and internationally. Certain events create tension leading to an increase in prejudicial crimes, making it more important than ever that people who stand against hate crime come together and tackle the issues as they arise.

The No2H8 Crime Awards are there to honour those who go beyond accepted standards to create societies that are inclusive and cohesive, where everyone has a voice and is accepted regardless of religious choices, skin colour, country of origin or any other arbitrary factors.